Structural Reinforcement 1 Ounce Dry Concentrate Powder 99.9% Pure Silica







Structural Reinforcement will put your plants on overdrive by allowing the plant to absorb more light, increased plant strengthening, stress and heat tolerance, increased cell water holding capability, and increased fruit and flower production.

Directions for use: 1\4 tsp per 25 US Gallon in Vegetative Stage

.5ml/gal weeks 1-2 Bloom
1ml/gal weeks 3-5 Bloom
2ml/gal weeks 5-6 Bloom                                                                                             

Foliar Application: Add 2.5ml per gallon of solution to be sprayed, add WET surfactant for best results.

Silica Dioxide………………10%

Inert Ingredients…………90%


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